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Hair, Makeup X Trailer

Yet again we have created a masterpiece at Wandering Star Facilities, this 6 position hair and makeup trailer reflects everything in the ethos of our company, and as always we have incorporated the ideas of the people who use our vehicles. Two door access to allow for better movement in and out of the the trailer and a minimum of 1.5 metres between stations allows for good working space, five Positions in the lower area and one larger Position in the upper area for your star, one times backwash, 10 kg washing machine and a separate tumble dryer, microwave, kettle and fridge along with a small sink in the kitchen area, 4 draws and cupboard space at each station, not to mention the exceptionally stylish modern multi position chairs, plenty of floor space, bright and clean, warm or cool as needed with our state of the art climate control system, and even opening windows for a bit of fresh air!


All in all we are more than happy with this amazing addition to our growing fleet.  

Call us on - 07936445404 for bookings, availability and best prices

Hair Makeup X Trailer from Wandering Sta
6 Position - 5 Lower and 1 Upper
Makeup Trailer Wandering Star Facilities
Large Single Position - Wandering Star L
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