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A Trailer to our New Trailer

Final fixes to our latest trailer are now well on the way, this will be the perfect on location Costume/Wardrobe Truck with 120 Feet of full length hanging space 40 Feet Of low hanging space, an optional 3 position counter space that can be used for make up or wigs and other accessories, front and rear doors, drying room, 10 kg washing machine and a 9 kg tumble dryer, deep hand wash sink, working counter and kitchen area with fridge, microwave, kettle and TV, music entertainment, heating and air conditioned front and back.

The vehicle can carry a large amount of water for those out of the way locations and is also complimented with a steamer, dehumidifier, iron and ironing board.

The space inside is light and clean with everything you will need for you're shooting and production needs as you would expect from Wandering Star on Location Vehicle Facilities.

Available for Booking Soon - 07936445404

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