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Ready and Able

As always expect the unexpected, we have again created a bespoke high end Costume, Wardrobe trailer, a market leader with easy access wide steps, underside lockers for empty case and box storage keeping it out of the working area inside, 1000lts fresh water tank, 600lts waste tank, all services accessible from the outside, so no need for facilities to enter the working space, inside fully air conditioned front and back, full heating, ample hanging which is full height on one side with completely adjustable rails, shoe racks, handbag racks, small sewing table, ample deep draw push lock storage units, full size heated drying cupboard with hanging and shelves, jewellery and small item draws, stainless steel deep hand wash sink, 2 x washing machines, 2 x tumble dryers, fridge, microwave, kettle, steamer, ironing board with iron, and many more new functions, also this trailer has wheelchair accessibility via the rear door and ramp, which can also be used to load full rails or heavy bags and cases, for more info and booking details contact - Andy on 07936445404 PS this vehicle is 4m high and therefore comparable with all European counties.

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