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Wandering Star On Location Vehicle Facilities Limited, take our customer commitments seriously, and as such we hold all relevant insurances, risk assessments, registrations and environmental awareness.    

All of our vehicles are correctly insured and carry the relevant specialist policies to enable us to operate in the correct manner.

We only use experienced drivers who have a good understanding of our industry and can advise on all aspects of the safe use of our vehicles and equipment, 
Our Insurances are fully comprehensive specialist commercial motor tailored to our industry, a copy of which is carried on each of our vehicles.

relevant our vehicles are fully compliant and type approved for use, all of our vehicles and trailers are checked periodically and fully MOT compliant where required, we operate our commercial vehicles and trailers as per the requirements of the Traffic Commissioner on a standard International operators licence

It is not legal to supplier vehicles above 3.5 tonnes without a minimum of a standard national operators licence to use as facilities, technical or transport with goods, including personal items, and full hire and reward insurances, any such supplier is putting you at risk of vehicles being impounded or delayed, which will affect your shooting schedule, we strongly recommend you check your supplier has and can prove compliance.

Our Company is a fully accredited Albert Supplier, and use Bio fuels where possible, we employ minimal impact practices such as the use of synthetic oils segregated waste processes and offer discounts to complying clients.

We carry the correct commercial combined liabilities insurances which include employers and public as required a copy of which is available for inspection on each of our vehicles.
It is important to understand that we do not cover any items or property both personal or business that is not directly owned by Wandering Star on Location Vehicle Facilities Limited, and at no time will the company or any associates by held liable for any loss or damage.  
Wandering Star On Location Vehicle Facilities Limited is a correctly registered and certified company under regulation 28 of Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011, to carry and dispose of waste generated on our vehicles, our registration number is available on request, it is not legal to carry such waste without registration.

We only use where possible, bio degradable and or recyclable disposable products on our vehicles.
​We can provide a copy of our companies risk assessment on demand which forms part of the health and safety policy, we do not promote misuse and the company or our staff will not be held responsible for inappropriate or improper use of any company vehicles or equipment. 

   Don't take a chance on quality when it comes to your next location shoot.


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