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The Mirada American Motorhome - In Detail

From front to back this beautifully crafted American Winnebago Style Motorhome, the baby of the Wandering Star Facilities fleet, has everything you need for a perfect days Location Shooting, every small detail has been designed to function and we are sure you will be very pleased, as are countless clients with this vehicle.


Useful details when planning;

Overall Length is 32.6 ft -  Minimum 9ft Width Closed - Overall Width is 12 ft slides open - Overall Height is 11.6 ft - 7.5 tonnes

Please Note the Vehicle is Based at GU24 8JB for Mileage Calculations, it can fit into 2 Standard Parking bays provided they are on the end an extra bay will be required if parking in the middle of a bay, the vehicle can be used with the slides in but for best use of space please consider the size of the vehicle when booking spaces, the driver will have the final decision regarding the suitability of Parking.


 Call us on - 07936445404 for bookings, availability and best prices



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