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Wandering Star On Location Vehicle Facilities Limited 

Our commitment is to provide the highest standards of service, clean, modern, functional, and cost effective facilities vehicles.

All of our vehicles and trailers are provided base to base, and are charged from the time they leave our home base at (GU24 8JB) until the time of return, any cleaning and repreparation work will be included in the hired rate of the vehicle, except in extreme circumstances or misuse. These charges apply to both outbound and inbound journeys, travel to, from and between Locations. We also charge staff travel at cost where transport is not provided.

We do not supply any vehicles on a self-drive basis and only company appointed drivers are allowed to drive or move our vehicles at any time. Our drivers have the final decision regarding the on-location operation of our vehicles or trailers, unless full responsibility is taken by the client or production company in advance, either in writing or by email, and that any actions resulting in vehicle or trailer damage, any loss of business or injury incurred, both personal or financial, will be fully reimbursed by the client or production company.

We do not allow, but not limited to, the following on any of our vehicles or trailers. As a place of work smoking is not permitted inside any of our vehicles or trailers at any time, the use of any illicit or illegal substances will not be tolerated on any of our vehicles or trailers at any time, the drinking of alcohol is not allowed unless for the purpose of hospitality and not when a vehicle is in motion, we do not allow pets inside our vehicles or trailers at any time, however exceptions may be made for guild dogs and by agreement as part of the cast or storyline, we do not allow prams, push chairs. Bicycles or any such items deemed to be oversized inside our accommodation vehicles.


Normally we do not carry passengers on any of our vehicles, however we do on occasions, at the discretion of  the company or driver allow the following, transportation of shooting crew between locations (to a maximum of 5, motorhome only) and only over short distances (maximum 2 miles) all passengers must remain seated with seat belts at all times during travel, and none of the vehicle services are in operation whist the vehicle is in motion, please always take the drivers advice when exiting a vehicle. Any passenger who does not follow instructions will be asked to leave the vehicle. We do not at anytime collect or deliver passengers or equipment to and from office, hotel or private addresses. 

It must be understood that the misuse of our vehicles and or trailers such as the attachment of signs, the stacking of equipment against the vehicle or trailer, the misuse of electrical sockets or equipment, and the removal of company property or stock from the vehicle or trailer without permission, and not returned clean and undamaged or unreplenished, will result in a charge being made to the client or production company for repair or replacement.

At no time do we carry equipment on our vehicles other than hanging garments, luggage or personal items which are at the discretion of the driver and are at the risk of the items or equipment owner, and or the client or production company, the carrying of any items are as a personal favour and do not form any part of a business contract with Wandering Star Facilities or its sub contracted partners. 

All bookings are taken on a pencil basis and must be confirmed no later than 48 hours before the intended date of use, a booking that is confirmed and then released will be subject to a cancellation at 60% of the standard day charged, if a vehicle and or trailer is not confirmed 48 hours before the intended date of use then the company reserves the right to except a confirmed booking on a first come first served basis, and any special rates will become nil and void. In addition to the above vehicles and or trailers which are booked for longer engagements, over 5 working days, will be subject to same terms, except confirmation will need to be no less than 7 working days before the intended date of use.

​Whist we endeavour to provide our services at the published prices where applicable, these may vary from time to time as follows;
The use of sub contracted vehicles or trailers, road tolls, parking expenses or fines, congestion and ULEZ charges,
 fuel costs arising from the use of HVO bio fuels, ferries and out of pocket expenses or administration fees will be chargeable at cost.

Any of our vehicles or trailers that are hired to or contracted by a third party must be covered by the relevant liability insurance, and we take no responsibility for injury, loss or damage ether directly or indirectly during the period of (dry) hire, it is deemed that once a vehicle or trailer is excepted for hire that our terms and conditions have also been excepted. Damage to vehicles or trailers, in any circumstances will be chargeable at the full cost of repair or replacement as required, and the correct operation and security of vehicles or trailers are the responsibility of the hirer.

We reserve the right to remove without notice a vehicle or trailer for the following reasons, misuse, non-payment of agreed credit terms, actions considered to contravene our terms and conditions.

The company will not be held responsible for the following, traffic conditions, weather or unforeseen mechanical or health issues, which may result in the late arrival of a vehicle or trailer, the inability to park due to access or obstruction, parking restrictions due to road works, local by-laws or rules, the failure to provide sufficient information to the company which may impair its ability to fulfil its obligations.   

A fuel surcharge may be added in some countries subject to price variations including HVO bio fuels and LPG availability, this will also apply in remote areas where it is necessary to use bulk delivery services. Waste disposal will be charged where such services are not provided. 

​All invoices are subject to VAT (unless exemption can be verified) and are to be paid within a maximum 14
 days of the date of invoice, unless pre agreed terms are in place, the company reserves the right to charge interest on late paid invoices, we do not accept cash transactions at anytime.

We welcome sustainability and recycling in the work place,

We are happy to support your initiatives.   

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