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What we deliver is always above expectation, because at Wandering Star Facilities we believe that quality Winnebago Hire and great facilities vehicles should be more than words, its easy to claim to be the best but its much harder to deliver, you will not find misleading information or out dated pictures on our website and you will always find our Winnebagos and Location Facilities Vehicles for hire are presented clean fully equipped and shoot ready time after time, no excuses. We provide modern well constructed Production Vehicles that are up to the job, we concentrate on what is important to our clients and support their needs.


Our Production and Facilities Vehicles can be used in many ways which not only gives you options, but can also help when it comes to the budget, we have provided our Winnebago and Facilities Vehicles, for Fashion, Media, TV and Film, Commercials, Sports and Celebrity Events, we can count our clients as world leading Production Companies, Major Brands and Celebrity Personalities or agents who are consistently happy with our standards and those little extras that we provide as part of our Winnebago or Location Facilities hire in London the UK and beyond.


So why not talk to us about your next or future shoots, we are always happy to help! 


Telephone 24 hours a day - 07936445404 - Email -

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