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  • Do you collect from a private address?
    Due to the size of our Winnebago Vehicles we do not collect from private addresses unless good access can be confirmed it is the liability of the client or production company for any damage caused by inadequate access to both property and vehicle.
  • Do you carry passengers?
    As a rule we will only carry up to 5 passengers within a 2 mile radius of the first location of any shoot and this is at the discretion of the driver at all times. All passengers must remain seated at all times whist the vehicle is in motion, services such as the toilet or fridge are not to be used whist the vehicle is in motion. Please note we do not collect or deliver passengers, products or equipment to home addresses as a taxi service at any time, the carrying of passengers is only offered during a shoot locally between locations.
  • Do you allow equipment to be carried?
    No, we only allow hanging garments,Wardrobe and Make up cases or personal items onboard our Winnebago. we only allow DIT equipment onboard our vehicles in a static position, all production equipment other than food products and IT is not allowed to travel on our vehicles at any time.
  • Is smoking allowed on the vehicle?
    There is no smoking allowed on our vehicles at any time in accordance with UK laws on smoking in the work place.
  • What is on the vehicle as part of the hire?
    Our winnebago is fully equipped with a coffee machine (with pods) a kettle, water flask and toaster, a stock of tea and sugar, a fruit bowl and vase, a professional steamer, iron and ironing board, 6 x outside chairs and a folding table, a folding clothes rail and 25 x hangers. The vehicle has its own power and tank water, please note that we do provide power for external items such water erns or outside lighting, Wi Fi is at extra cost (£10.00 per 3Gb) and £5.00 per Gb thereafter.
  • How many crew can the vehicle seat inside?
    The winnebago can seat up to 12 people inside and has 6 outside chairs, the vehicle is best used for crews not larger than 20 people.
  • What is the minimum hire per day?
    Our Winnebago is hired on a 10 hour day base to base as a minimum we do do not hire by the hour.
  • Do you provide Wifi?
    Yes we do have mobile Wifi on board where the signal allows, it is 4G and only connected when requested by our client or Production. the cost is £10.00 for upto 3GB of use which is tracked, after this we charge £5.00 per additional GB used. We do not allow the streaming of films as this will quickly use your data allowance, we can also provide proof of useage.
  • What can we power from the Winnebago?
    The On Board Power is normally provided via a gennerator which can be used with all of the electrical items which are provided, however this does not cover high powered items used by the clients, we do not provide power for external items at any time. Please understand that unlike mains power, our fitted generator is limited to 5.5Kva and it may require power useage being controlled. The use of power on our vehicles is at the client or Production Companies own risk.
  • Do you provide Security?
    Whist we take care to secure our vehicles where possible, we take no responsibility for any items left on board nor for any items left outside the vehicle, we suggest that if you have issues of security you should contact an independent security company.
  • Do you allow Pets or Animals?
    Unfortunately we do not at anytime allow animals on to our vehicles as there is the possibility of damage to the vehicle and pet aligies to our next client.
  • Do you take Cash or Credit, Debit Cards? "
    We will not take cash for any job, we will shortly be taking Credit and Debit cards and all payments will include any transaction fee and standard rate VAT.
  • Our Shoot is more than one day, Do we need to put the driver up? "
    There are two ways that a driver can stay, if you can count them into your crew at the hotel or they can stay on board the vehicle if safe to do so (at a cost of £50.00 per night, plus a food allowance).
  • Do you have or Provide other Facilities?
    Yes we have other facilities vehicles, and we can get pretty much whatever you need from a select number of other providers, the vehicles include Dining Buses, Honey Wagons, Costume, Makeup and Wardrobe trucks, Production Vehicles and Offices, Single,Two and Three Way Trailers, Generators, Tech Vehicles, Pickups, and Unit Cars and Buses
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