Artist Trailers

Our Range of Single, 2 and 3 Way Trailers will be here soon

Makeup and Wardrobe Trailers

Our Range of Makeup and Wardrobe Trailers will be here soon

We all have a standard, the most important consideration for us is provide our clients with exceptional quality, time and time again, there is no room for basic unworkable vehicles when you are on the road, we constantly update and maintain, so you can be confident that you and your clients will get the best we can produce, be it an American Motorhome for your shoot, to our modern Makeup and Wardrobe trailers, our Production trailers, Dining trailers, clean modern Honey Wagons, School Rooms, 2/3 Way and Single Artist trailers and forgetting great Tech Trucks and Euro 6 Traction which we can hire to help with your Unit Base moves.


.07956445404 or info@wanderingstarfacilities.com 

American Shoot Ready Motorhomes

Our Range of American Motorhomes will be here soon

Production Office Trailers

Our Range of Production Office Trailers will be here soon

Dining Trailers

Our Range of Dining Trailers will be here soon