As one of the more recent players in the facilities industry don't think we lack experience, Wandering Star is a collection of some of the very best vehicles built and created with people who use them on a daily basis, and the valuable input from our clients is the very reason we are fast becoming a go to source of quality Location Vehicle Facilities, always presented  clean, working and ready to go, no excuses, Our staff are some of the most experienced with knowledge of all aspects of the shooting process and the role which facilities play.


Take a look at what we can offer you and the combinations that can make your Production cost effective be it, Film,TV, Commercials, Music, Photo Media, Sports or Events anywhere in the UK and Beyond



Use the drop down menu to look at what we have to offer and contact us to get the very best prices and quality.


07956445404 or info@wanderingstarfacilities.com 


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